Either knowingly or unknowingly, we have accepted chemicals and preservatives as a part of our lives. From the things we eat to the things we bathe with, we can find the use of synthetic chemicals everywhere.

According to a research done by EWG (Environmental Working Group), an average person is exposed to around 127 different chemicals through personal care products; of which, more than 60% is directly absorbed through skin.

It is definitely important to look your best; at the same time, your health is important as well. Isn’t it rather annoying that if we grab one aspect of the equation, we tend to lose the other?

To resolve this problem, NUGA: has come up with ways to manufacture natural and safe Personal Care Products – made of completely edible goods; free of harmful synthetic chemicals and any kind of artificial preservatives.


To lead the Nepalese Personal Care Product Industry and make it eminent in the global market by employing cultural and natural heirloom


To manufacture natural, edible grade and safe personal care products that are accessible to everyone, while ensuring an ethical supply chain